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Plastic Recycling Companies

Is your business scouting out plastic recycling companies to do business with? For companies that are not located close to a recycling center, Vikoz is the perfect solution. Until now, many companies thought that if they weren’t logistically associated near a recycling facility, they couldn’t recycle their plastic. Vikoz has changed all of that.
If your company is located anywhere within the US or Canada, Vikoz will come to you. That’s right, they’ll pick up your throw-away plastics and pay you for them. They’ll even make the process as effortless as possible for your employees by dropping off boxes, bins, trailers or rolloff bins for you to use. Vikoz will routinely pick up your plastic scrap and pay you by the pound. If you’re a company that makes products out of plastic, Vikoz can even repurpose your plastic, collect it, grind it and deliver it back to your company to be used to make new products.
If your company has been throwing away plastic scrap, or worse- paying someone to haul it away- Vikoz is going to change all of that. As the leader in plastic recycling companies in North America, they’re able to provide you with personal service to meet your unique needs.
With state-of-the-art equipment, Vikoz is able to meet the high demands of the recycling industry. Their number one priority is to purchase plastic scrap from companies, but they don’t just stop there. They also repurpuse the product and resell a wide variety of plastic products. 
Vikoz provides toll grinding services to companies that make products out of plastic. If your company is in this category, Vikoz is able to pick up your plastic scrap, reduce the size of your recycling, grind your scrap and redeliver it in a form that you’ll be able to use for manufacturing. Your company will save a lot of money using the services that Vikoz provides.
Perhaps you’re interviewing plastic recycling companies to find the one that will best meet your company’s needs, or the one that provides the best payout for plastic scrap. Vikoz invites you to send them an email at, for a quick quote. Just include the description of the material you want to have recycled, the estimated total weight, location of your facility, your contact info, and pictures of the material for recycling. Vikoz will get back to your quickly.
To learn more about Vikoz and the services that they provide to North America, visit online at From there, you can take a closer look at what they do, learn more about the values that the company holds, and how they can meet your company’s needs and make your recycling easier.
If you’ve called other plastic recycling companies but didn’t get the answers you wanted, Vikoz invites you to contact them at 801-673-3719. They have the feeling you’ll like what you hear, and they’re fully committed to providing your company with the best recycling services possible.
Plastic Recycling Companies
Vikoz Enterprises Inc.

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