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Security Services Miami

Security Services Miami

Living in an environment where there are security and safety all around you gives you constant peace of mind. Whereas living in a surrounding that poses a threat to you and your loved ones will cause you to feel uneasiness and a limit to your freedom. Relying on security services that are not only trustworthy but are also unbeaten at what they do and are always available to protect you in the best possible way will surely make you feel confident about your security.

Miami has been made safe due to the finest security services' presence to safeguard your life and property. Our security services in Miami, build by the former military officer, Andres Perez, is the leading security services in town, with the vision of providing high-quality services to our clients.

Our security protection company in Miami, FL. has earned reputation by using military-based knowledge and expertise to develop and improve the quality of security around the country. Our security service in Miami offers a range of services for your commercial and even residential needs, including:

1) Security Officers: Our security service in MIAMI has a workforce of over 300 licensed armed and unarmed security officers who are experts in providing first-hand security. Our officers are fully trained at the onsite security academy to make them highly skilled in protecting our clients in the best possible manner.

2) Bodyguard services: Either you are looking for a MIAMI personal security or interested in hiring bodyguard services in Miami, then our security company, FPI, is the perfect agency you can approach. Our officers will guard you and your premises, giving you maximum security. Our security services are available for all residential and commercial areas, industrial and financial institutions, medical facilities, and even school buildings.

3) Surveillance system: Our qualified security guards gives you an extra pair of eyes by facilitating you with the highest quality surveillance system. The experts in our company can design the perfect security system for your organization. Along with installing the security system, our team will further guide you through the operational process. We will provide you with the complete setup, including:

  • Camera installation.
  • HD recording.
  • Full view assessment.
  • DVR setup

Our company uses the latest technology to improve the overall surveillance and provide mobile surveillance RV in distant and remote areas.

4) Patrol service: Modern problems require modern solutions. We have uniformed patrol officers that will cover every ground of your property. Our advanced technology vehicles are, along with the experienced officers, are ready to cope with any threats and dangers.

5) Monitoring service: We add another protective layer of security in the form of a 24-hour monitoring system assembled on our Security Operation Centre. Being an executive security in Miami, FL, we work hand in hand with the officers and patrol services in spotting any unusual activity. Our monitoring software is quick, effective, and utilizes video analytics to capture feedback from multiple cameras all around.

Our Security Protection Company is efficient enough to provide you with high standard security using sophisticated and current protection methods. If you also want to strengthen your building or organization's defenses, then be apart of our prestigious security services.

Contact FPI security services to know more about our services.

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Security Services Miami

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